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Medicare, Medicine Management, and National Home Care Month Nov/Dec 2017

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Generally the requirements for enrolling in Medicare Part D are you must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B and that enrollment can be done during the initial enrollment period or during the Fall open enrollment period. Another option is enrollment in a Medicare Advantage Drug Plan also referred to as MA - PD, although not every Medicare Advantage Plan has a drug plan. Monthly premiums vary widely from a few dollars to over $100 depending upon the plan you choose, lower income levels can also result in assistance based on financial need. Some Medicare Advantage Drug plans and Medicare Part D drug plans are even offered with a $0 premium. Deductibles can also vary greatly from $0 with some Advantage plans, to a $400 deductible with the standard Medicare part D plan. Co-pays are typically a percentage of drug cost or a flat fee based on tier levels for many drugs. Generally this is a trade-off between Premiums, Deductibles, and Co-pays. There is also what is commonly referred to as the “donut hole” Medicare Part D gap between the initial coverage limit $3,700 and the point where the catastrophic benefits begin $4950. During this period patients are responsible for the entire cost of their prescription benefits, under both Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage Drug Plans. However, in 2011 changes were made, so that enrollees in 2017 only pay between 51% for generic and 40% for name brand prescription drugs. After the $4950 level is reached co-pay is 5%. Open enrollment is November!


Meet Dr. Thomas Davis

Dr. Thomas Davis serves as medical director for the Home Health Care 2000 Oakdale division. He was born in Alexandria, studied at LSU, and attended medical school in New Orleans. He is married and has four wonderful children. Dr. Davis has been a practicing doctor 30 years and is on the board of Health and Enrichment Center in Oakdale. He is affiliated with several hospitals including Cabrini, Rapides, and Oakdale Community Hospital. Dr. Davis is active in the community by being involved with the Knights of Columbus and the Lions Club of Oakdale. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, gardening,and beekeeping.

Do you need help with managing your medications?

1. When you open your medicine cabinet, do you find old prescription bottles with pills still inside?

2. Do you sometimes stop taking your medication when you feel better?

3. Do you sometimes forget to take your medicine?

4. Have you ever run out of medicine before you can get your prescription filled?

5. Are you unclear about which medications you're taking and why?

6. Have you ever been confused about what side effects to expect and what to do about them?

7. Do you forget or ignore your doctors advice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, give us a call! You may need help managing your medications.

National Home Care Month

During November the home care and hospice community honor the millions of nurses, home care aides, therapists, and social workers who make a remarkable difference for the patients and families they serve. These heroic caregivers play a central role in our health care system and in homes across the nation. To recognize their efforts, we call upon all Americans to commemorate the power of caring, both at the home and in their local communities and join with the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) by celebrating November as Home Care and Hospice Month. Home Care Aide Week

takes place this year on November 12-18. For over 15 years, NAHC has used the second full week in November to highlight the many aides whose contributions are second to none as they bring personal warmth to the daily work of giving personal care. They play an invaluable role for their patients as caregivers, companions, and friends.

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