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Who Needs Home Health? 

Who needs home health care?


  • Has a difficult time leaving the home and leaving the home alone is unsafe.

  • Needs a family member or another person to physically leave the home safely.

  • Uses a wheelchair, walker, cane or other assistive device to leave home safely.

  • Is disoriented and forgetful.

  • Is at risk of falling.

  • Has a history of falling.

  • Has a skilled need.

  • Needs a nurse or physical, speech, and occupational therapist.

  • Is taking new prescription medication and needs a nurse for medication teaching.

  • Needs wound care by a professional nurse.

  • Was recently discharged from the hospital.

  • Needs help with personal care.

  • Needs a speech therapist to assist with swallowing, chewing and speaking.

  • Needs a physical therapist for gait training, positioning , range of motion.

  • Needs an occupational therapist to assist patient with helping him/her to learn to perform activities of daily living.

  • Has new medical diagnoses.

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