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Re-hospitalization Prevention Program

     At Home Health Care 2000, our mission is to provide preeminent quality home health care which demonstrates our continued commitment to excellence, professionalism, and genuine compassion. In the area of re-hospitalizations, our goal at Home Health Care 2000 is to maintain re-hospitalization rates that are lower than the Louisiana and National averages as we strive is to eliminate unnecessary re-hospitalizations. A group of our clinicians has spent tireless hours researching, designing, and implementing a plan that will help us achieve our mission and goal.

     By having immediate and more frequent contact with the patient and caregiver, we can build trust which will prompt the patients to be more actively involved in their plans of care and focused treatment outcomes.  This will also help us to detect deterioration and exacerbations more timely and help the patients cope with medication management, pain, diet, mobility, etc.   

How We Do It: 

  • Increased awareness of hospital discharge summaries during post hospitalization resumptions of care

  • Intensified home monitoring through daily telephone calls to patients 

  • Increased skilled nursing visits immediately following patient's discharge home

  • Enhanced assessment and follow up of patient medication management, including access, education and administration 

  • Enhanced assessment and follow up of patient home medical equipment and supplies, including access, education and utilization 

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