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Congestive Heart Failure Protocol

Green Zone

  • No new or worsening shortness of breath

  • No new or worsening swelling of your feet or legs

  • No weight gain (Weight Goal_________)

  • No chest pain or tightness

  • No decrease in your ability to maintain

  • your activity level

  • Continue taking your medications as ordered

  • Continue daily weights

  • Follow low salt diet

  • Keep all physician appointments

​​Your Symptoms Are Under Control

Yellow Zone: CAUTION 

  • Weight gain of 3 or more pounds

  • Increased coughing

  • Increased swelling of feet or legs

  • Increase in shortness of breath with activity

  • Increases in the number of pillows needed to sleep at night

  • New or more frequent chest pain or tightness

  • New onset of dizziness or light-headedness after standing up.

Your symptoms may mean that you need an adjustment of your meds. Call your home health nurse.


  • Unrelieved shortness or shortness of breath at rest

  • Unrelieved chest pain

  • Wheezing or chest tightness at rest

  • Need to sit in chair to sleep

  • Weight gain or loss of more than 5 pounds

  • Confusion

  • A fall related to dizziness or lightheadedness

Red Zone Means:

You may need to be evaluated by a physician right away. Call your home health nurse or physician right away.

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