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Accreditation in The Joint Commission

In order to achieve and maintain consistent and quality services to our patients, clients, and customers, Health Systems 2000 maintains accreditation with one of the most recognized accrediting bodies in the world, The Joint Commission. 


Our agencies, Home Health Care 2000, Home Medical Equipment 2000, and Personal Care Services 2000 have been accredited by The Joint Commission since 1996. Every three years we receive on-site surveys for review of our compliance with set standards. At Health Systems 2000, we have achieved continuous compliance with these standards. 

The Joint Commission standards for care include the following: 


  • Rights and Ethics

  • Provision of Care and Services

  • Medication Management

  • Leadership

  • Management of Information

  • Environment of Care

  • Emergency Management 

  • Equipment Management 

  • Infection Prevention and Control 

  • National Patient Safety Goals

  • Performance Improvement 

  • Record of Care, Treatment, and Services 


Standards associated with patient rights and responsibilities are very important to a patient receiving health care. When patients services are aware of their rights and responsibilities in the care that they are receiving, they can make better health care decisions. Informed patients can effectively participate in their plan of care. Additionally, patients can choose a representative to assist them in making health care decisions. All policies related to patient rights and responsibilities are available to patients, their representatives and to the public. 

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