Hospice Care 2000

Hospice Care 2000's goal is to provide preeminent quality health care, which demonstrates our continued commitment to excellence, professionalism and genuine compassion.

What is Hospice?

The word "Hospice" is derived from the Latin word "Hospitium" which means hospitality. Hospice is not a place, building or institution; it is a concept of care, with the goal to affirm a person's right to be in control of their life, to be free from pain and to die with dignity.

Philosophy of Care

Hospice Care 2000emphasizes palliative care through pain and symptom management psycho-social and spiritual support.  We understand how important it is to be cared for with compassion and dignity.  Patients and family members receive personalized care which includes medical attention and emotional support.

The Hospice Care 2000 Difference

  • Management of Pain and Symptoms associated with Terminal Illness
  • Patient and Family Centered Care
  • Patient and Family Education
  • Psycho-social Support
  • Spiritual Support
  • Volunteer Services
  • Bereavement Program

Our staff includes a diverse group of professionals to care for the hospice patient.  We have a board of certified physician and nurses to meet the patient's medical needs.  Hospice aides and homemakers assist with the patient's personal care and volunteer workers devote their time in assisting the family and caregiver.

To complete our professional staff, we have counselors, therapists and clergy who meet the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our patients.  These professionals form our interdisciplinary team.

Why Refer to Hospice Care 2000?

  • Admission within 24-hours with a Physician's Order
  • Responsive Patient Service
  • Medical Director Consultation
  • Hospice Interdisciplinary Team
  • Medicare Payments
  • Medicaid Payments
  • Commercial Insurance

Hospice Care is affordable for everyone. Medicare and Medicaid's "Hospice Benefit" covers everything related to a terminal illness with no deductibles, no co-insurance or out of pocket expenses when the patient qualifies.

The benefit also covers the cost of medication, supplies, equipment and all other services related to the terminal illness.  Hospice must be notified before any treatments or procedures for the benefit to remain in effect.

Private insurance is accepted with prior authorization.

Other Features

Bereavement Services
Counseling is available to the patient and family members in preparation for end of life. Bereavement Support is offered to the family and friends for at least one year after the patient's death, or longer if needed.
Interdisciplinary Team
Hospice Care 2000's interdisciplinary team's goal is to provide a quality of life through symptom and pain control while addressing the psycho-social needs of the patient and their families. Therefore, we encourage involvement in the decisions regarding patient care services. We will keep them informed on their condition and will assist them in understanding their plans of care.

Patient services are provided without regard to race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability (mental or physical), communicable disease or place of national origin.

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